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Promotion is the Key

Promoting the 2clickfundraising.com program is your one and only task, and we want to make it as easy as possible. Here are some suggestions. Spend just five minutes here and you will see the results. To customize any of these ideas or to help brainstorm, email us ... info@2ClickFundraising.com

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PDF Flyers
Pass out 2click flyers at
EVERY event. Email us, we will
customize them for you.
General PR Tips
2click is all about
spreading the word.
Click here to learn how.
Other Ways to Remember
Make 2clickfundraising.com one of
your Homepage Tabs.
Follow these easy instructions.

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YouTube Videos
Check out our YouTube videos
for suggestions and insight.
ask your friends and family, too.
Promo Stuff
Help people remember with
Mousepads, Post It Notes and pens