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Raise More Funds in just 2 Clicks!

2Clickfundraising.com is here to help raise money for organizations through online shopping. With just 2 clicks, you can turn your online shopping into donations for the charity of your choice. Simply choose your favorite charity, then choose your merchant, and then start shopping!

So, what's the catch?
Well, most major online merchants have Affiliate Programs. If you’re not familiar with an affiliate program, it’s simply a way for online merchants to pay “salespeople” for generating sales on their sites. Websites that drive traffic to these online merchants, and eventually sales, act as their salespeople. For example, if you’ve read an online review or clicked on an ad and eventually bought something, that first website is getting paid a commission on that sale.

2ClickFundraising does not have detailed reviews or fancy ads. Instead, we give most of that money back to your organization.

Simple, effective, and free.

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How much money does my organization actually get?
The percentages shown on our list of merchants are the actual percentages donated per purchase by the merchants. Every time you make a purchase at PETSMART, for example, 8% of that purchase comes back to 2click, and you get 60% of that.

For example, let’s say you purchase $50 of goods at PetSmart.com. Your organization would receive $2.40, simply for a purchase you would have normally made. Your friends and family are already shopping online; why not turn that shopping into a free, easy way to raise money for your organization?



Why 2Click?

We charge you absolutely nothing to feature your organization on our site. We give you the tools to promote your charity on our site, and we keep you updated on how to keep your members involved. Our competitors keep 50% or MORE of the money they receive from merchants, and we only keep 40%. When merchants offer special increased donation rates, you get that extra money, too. Our competitors keep that for themselves. And, with 2click, you can stay up to date on deals with your favorite merchants so that you can donate money, and save money in the process.

Please note, that we do not get paid until Return Policies have lapsed. So, there may be a month or two lag in getting your checks.