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2Clickfundraising.com raised
for Charitable Causes!!

I am very excited and proud to announce 2clickfundraising.com raised over $82,000 for various Charitable causes. Simply by shopping online. Amazon was a big piece of that, and once they dropped us, the writing was on the wall. But, we never would have been able to raise so much without them, of course. Please check out some of my other businesses and side projects. Maybe I can help you get your idea off the Ground!! Email me ... Jeff@Summitsystems.net

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Custom Software

This is what pays the bills.
I am a CPA with 20+ years experience
building software applications
for YOUR business.
I can help your small business thrive.

Knowbody Knows Email Game

Free Email Party Game
Slow paced, big fun, stay connected
with friends across the country.
How much did YOU spend
on alcohol last year?!


I do custom sports pools online.
Some with a fundraising angle,
some just because I like gambling!
Stop struggling with Excel,
I can get your custom pool online.